Monday, November 12, 2012

Trying Something New!

FO (finished object): Gingko Shoulderette Shawlette (woohoo!) I just need to block it, and then it will be COMPLETELY finished in time for Victoria, even!
WIPs (Works-in-progress): baby blanket, wedding blanket (car knitting for Victoria trip)
In the plans (ITP): dinos, dishcloths

Hello everybody,

So I'm trying something new (right before vacation, I know!). I want to try to write, if not everyday on this blog, than at least every other day. This will take a lot of commitment on my part, but I think that it'll be good for me. I've always wanted to be an author, so I think that blogging here will help to work that out, especially since I'll be able to blog about knitting!

Now, I'm not guaranteeing pages and pages of glorious knitting goodies, etc. (Like the Yarn Harlot did in the early days.) But I am guaranteeing at least a few paragraphs to update you where I am in my knitting progress that day. Also, please understand that normally all of my activity has to take place outside of a 9-5 Monday-Friday job, unless I'm writing a quick snippet on my lunch break/when it's super slow. This does mean that any actual publishing of the blog will take place after 6 from Monday-Friday, but anytime during the day on weekends or stat days that I have off. Notifications of new posts can be gotten if you "follow" me, or I will be posting links on Twitter and Facebook!

Also, I don't normally ask for this, but I would absolutely love it if you guys can leave comments; I try to respond to all the ones that I get now, and I it would be spectacular if I got more to help bump me up. Or, if you can share any of my posts. I really want to grow my Etsy business to be able to share with more people, and this blog is an excellent introduction to myself and everything that I do to be able to improve my shop and product.

Speaking of improvement, did you notice that the pictures are getting better? AND I have a paper tag on everything now so that you can what the fibre content is and care instructions are. And they're made with the totally adorable cat that my friend drew for me.

Speaking of which, the cat has been named Lucinda. :)

Let's see...Not much is happening. Super happy that I finished my shawl, and I hope to be able to finish the baby blanket before Victoria!

Oh yeah, tonight I dye my hair again...My roots are showing already! 

Have a lovely day, my dears! I hope to have another post tomorrow. :)

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