Friday, February 8, 2013

Queue Enhancement: Valentine's Day-ish...And Then! A Cat!

This is a fly-by post. I have been super swamped at work still, so I've been tired when I get home and haven't been able to pre-write as many posts as I would like.

Anyway, onto some patterns that I queued or loved this week.

Love Socks

This is a free download, and with Valentine's Day close, a super cute knit (and kudos to you if you finish them between now and Valentine's! If you do, let me know in the comments).

Be Still My Heart

Another free, super cute pattern from a Calgary-local designer. (She also has a yarn store over at Etsy. Check her out at Yummy Yarn Studio. My Victoria shawl is out of one of her super-awesome yarns.)

Elizabeth Bennet Sumer Blouse

I saw this book at The Loop - Kensington while I was in there the other day, and want it pretty much just for this sweater. (On another note, The Loop in Kensington restores my faith in lys after being put out by others.)

His Golden Lair

Who wouldn't love a Hobbit-inspired pattern? Especially something golden?

The Fog Sweater

I'm always on the look-out for men's sweaters that I might knit. I don't think I would get Dallas to wear this one without a zipper, though! Perhaps time to learn steeking...? (Also, I was very attracted to this pattern due to its name!)

The Parlor Cat

And Then! The Cat! Yes indeed. I love this pattern. Will definitely be moving it up in my queue.

Hope you guys are inspired, and I will chat at you more on Tuesday! Watch for "Pretty Picks" on Monday, though!!

Katie =^..^=

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