Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two-At-a-Time Magic Loop Mittens!

WiP: Mittens
FOs: Jane Richmond's Oatmeal Pullover; 118 yards of three-ply yarn.

It was a productive long weekend, with me finishing the Oatmeal pullover, I spun a lot...And I even cast on and knit quite a few rows of my Spanish Peacock Shawl...But I had to frog that, because I was getting really wonky stitch counts.


Now I'm working on mittens to felt for Dallas, and I just learnt how to do it as two-at-a-time with Magic loop. I'm hoping it saves me some time, since I won't have to stop and constantly count both of the mittens and try to make them match...since they will match from the beginning.

I'm also excited about it because I figured out what I can do to make the "after-thought" cuff (as it were), less crunchy. Since the felting makes the mittens like gauntlets, I have been knitting a cuff afterwards to keep the mitten on the hand (or knitting along with the mitten). However, I have been making these cuffs out of acrylic; this means that when they hit the hot water and agitation that is needed in felting, they lose a lot of their elasticity and get pretty crunchy.

I had a brainwave on Saturday when I was at the yarn store, though (shhhhhhh, I'm a slow learner) and realized that I can totally used superwash wool for the cuff and get the elasticity and wonderful warmth of wool.

Plan made.

Now, I'mma go knit some mittens.

Have a good night, my dears!

Katie =^..^=

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