Thursday, April 25, 2013

Legitimate Progress!

WiP: Marion by Andi Satterlund (Cascade 220, Black)

So, the body of the cardigan was done on Friday. I struggled with the sleeves all weekend due to not having fully comprehended the instructions (I still blame the cold medication).

But, by Tuesday, I figured the sleeve out and finished it last night, so now I'm working on the other sleeve. I'll take a picture of the sleeve cap when I get home tonight.Both of these pictures don't show how dark the black is. 

And! Dallas was a doll (and he wants a cardigan), so he went out and bought the required amount for me in the Cascade 220 Heathers - Forest:

(Photo by Jared Flood)

This will be a process that I hope to finish by the fall, considering that it is a LOT of stockinette. But I have been zooming through these sweaters, so who knows? They're faster than blankets! (And lacy shawls.)

Actually, I think once I finish my cardigan, I need to start on my shawl and see if I can progress through the yarn overs and k2tog without losing stitches or adding too many. I almost had it the last time I cast on...But so far, no good. I guess we'll see this time! I love doing lace, but I almost always seem to do something early on that completely screws it up. I guess I should be thankful that it's early on, and not when I'm nearly finished!


What are you folks knitting/crocheting/spinning/creating right now? 

Let me know!

Katie =^..^=


  1. Great colour! That'll look good on Dallas. I'm creating a research essay right now. Does that count?

  2. Yes, that counts, since my knitting time was taken over by my writing time last year! haha

    Katie =^..^=